Some written comments from individual clients and their organizations:

  • We sought to empower all teachers and all interested parents in effective decision making within our school. We needed a clear process within which to take up these changes, and new skills to allow us to do the work effectively; both in the transition phase, and into the future. Cornelis managed to meet all of our goals with us.

  • He brought a wonderful balance of openness to what we needed, and clear direction in process when we needed it.

  • Your strengths lie in your ability to identify the heart of the problem and to engage the "system" in the solution.

  • With your facilitation skills you allowed the group to develop trust in such a short time.

  • I witnessed your skill in effectively facilitating a very complex interpersonal and organizational impasse.

  • You are disciplined about process, and insightful with humor.

  • You brought parental involvement into our school life in an unprecedented way, and have helped us become clearer on who we are and who we might choose to become.

  • You gave us strength and form, wisdom and experience.

  • Our gratitude for your coaching and support to all of us and to our vision.

  • Your words of wisdom to us continue to rise up during our committee meetings.

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